Social Concern

We,  “GREENCARE  E-RECYCLE COMPANY” are a group of people who are engaged in service of ecology and nation building through creating awareness towards Environment, Education and Social Responsibilities.

We believe in Mantra of  ‘ Rashtray Swaha, Idam na mam’ and Desh ke Liye Jina Sikhe’ through engaging ourselves in E-Waste recycling.

We want to create a public campaign through awaking, educating and engaging general public – Making our country “100%  E-Waste Free” and “ Green India-Clean India”.

GREENCARE  E-RECYCLE COMPANY’s aim is not to make profit but to achieve a mission of “E-Waste Free India”. To achieve this mission, we are engaging ourselves in various kind of activities like 

- To make mass program of educating & awaring general public from schools and colleges on moral                              responsibilities towards ecology and environment.

- To conduct seminar and workshop on E-Waste Rules in Colleges, Indsutrial Associations, NGOs and Municipal          Corporation.

- To make people aware about E-Waste and its hazardous effect at every home, society level for proper disposal of    E-Waste.

- To conduct program of “One Home – One Tree” through participation of society, builders and corporation body        for greener and cleaner environment.

We GREENCARE  E-RECYCLE COMPANY,  believe that together we can and we will make a difference to protect our environment and make this world a better place to live.

“Togethering is a beginning, Togetherness is a Progress and To Work Together is a Success”.