Service - Refurbishing

greencare e-recycleRefurbishing is the first step post collection. Refurbishing is literally understood as - The state of being restored to its former good condition.

At GREENCARE our technicians examine each item of E-waste thoroughly to identify if it can be restored to its original condition; be it by replacing certain components or repairing the existing components to render the product usable again.

A refurbished electronic item is thus, one that has undergone reconditioning, returning it to a satisfactory working condition, fully functional for its intended reuse and meeting applicable performance standards and regulatory requirements including the original product’s rated operational characteristics.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

GREENCARE disposes all its waste only at government approved Hazardous Waste Disposal facilities.


-   GREENCARE is a government approved e-waste and Cable recycler and has acquired the Consolidated Consent &                    Authorization  and Passbook from Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

       -   GREENCARE handles, recycle and reuse e-waste in an efficient way using unique recycling techniques suitable to Indian            conditions with zero damage to ecology and environment.

       -   GREENCARE recycles and recovers resources to about 99% of the material collected and less than 1% goes to TSDF                for secure landfill.

       -   GREENCARE offers “FREE PICKUP SERVICE” all over the country for old, obsolete, end of life electronic products.                   ‘CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING’ will be offered to assure the clients that their E-Waste is being recycled, using the best              technology possible.

      -   All together we can proudly say that GREENCARE  E-RECYCLE  COMPANY  cares about the society and environment               and is working for the greener and cleaner future of  our next generation.