As India’s leading E-waste Company, we collect and recycle hundreds of items of E-waste every month.  Manufacture sector is a larger part in produce product and important part to start prevent deposit of E-waste. In electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing is vital to take care of their material that uses to produce the product. 

Our Process of converting an E-Waste into Raw Material includes:

1. Manual Dismantling 

2. Hands on Segregation 

3. Shredding 

4. Separation

At GREENCARE  by adopting the above mentioned techniques, we convert Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment into Raw Material like Metals, Plastics and Glass. The entire system of recycling is based on the principles of clean environment and minimum landfill.

Our standard of E-Waste Recycling is to recycle E-Waste about 99% and 1% hazardous materials which can not be further recycled or reused goes to secure landfill to treatment and disposal facility, to which GREENCARE  is already a member.

GREENCARE  has developed its own simple and low cost machines like Crushing Machine, Cable Cutting machine and Dismantling stations for CRT cutting.

We Recycle end of life, Obsolete, Discarded Electronics and Electrical Equipments like Computers, Monitors, CPU’s, Peripherals, CRT’s, Servers, Printers, Plotters, Fax Machines, Scanners, Copiers, Mother Boards, Printed Circuit Boards, Laptops, CDs, Tapes, Cartridges, Telephones, Cell Phones, Telecom Equipments, TVs, Audio and Video, Dry Cells, Lithium Batteries, House Hold Microwave, Washing Machines, Vaccum Cleaners, Card Readers, Swipe Machine, Fans, Electrical Items (Regulators, Meters, Switches, Starters, Chokes, Converter, Wires, Cables etc.), HUBs, LCDs, Transformers, Condenser containing cooling oil, Industrial, Medical, Military and Space Electronics items etc. in eco friendly way to recover raw materials like Metals, Plastics & Glass