Greencare E-Recycle Company has acquired the Consolidated Consent & Authorization and Passbook from Gujarat Pollution Control Board to perform the E-Waste Recycling activity. Policy of Greencare is Non-incineration disposal method and minimum landfill to fulfill all compliance and requirement. We believe in systematic and organized handling of E-waste in order to avoid its impact on the environment and ecology. 


We believe in offering services that not only benefit the environment, society and ecology but those that also make good business sense for clients. Recycling generates more jobs than land filling or incinerating waste. Greencare as an organization believes in contributing to the nation and serve motherearth to protect from E-Waste Pollution.



• Vision : 


Vision of Greencare is an E-Waste free India and provides top most solutions for E-Waste recycling to save our mother earth and nation from E-Waste pollution. 


- To lead the industry in rethinking and recycling of e-waste.

- To make this world a better place to live in for our future generation.

- To assure organizations of the safe disposal of their electronic products

- To carry out Research and Development in the framework of e-waste management Policies and effective implementation of the same throughout the industry

- To promote employment opportunities through e-waste management

- To impart knowledge of e-waste management and the ill-effects of mismanagement to every individual in India

- To collaborate with international organizations for technology updations, research and development



• Mission : 


Greencare strives to become the most preferred solution provider in e-waste management. We take responsibility for e-waste recycling and disposal. We deliver excellent service and hand in hand with our customers and enjoy working together as a team, helping each other for sustainable growth of the company. We are committed to protect and save environment. We consider e-waste not as waste but a resource for recovery in an environmental friendly manner to protect our mother earth.

• Three R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology.

• Making India a greener, cleaner and safer place for our future generations.

• Achieving leadership in ethical, safe and compliant e-waste management, recycling and disposal.

• To provide training to our customers on effective utilization of their electronic equipment for reducing e-waste generation

• To ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees


• Value : 


• At Greencare, our operations are governed by a set of core values that make sure we meet the greater objective of recreating a better planet. By 'Rethinking. Recycling', we want to urge our fellow beings to revisit their recycling techniques and ensure that they are in the right direction. With processes that comply with the highest technological standards, we are committed to causing the least harm to the eco-system. 


• Management : 


Mr. S.N.Parekh, founder of Greencare, is a post graduate in Environmental Science and has over 14 years experience as an industrial pollution control consultant.



• Safety & Health Aspects : 


• Greencare is providing all the necessary protective equipments to the employees.

• Perodic health checkups for all employees 

• First aid trainings

• Adequate equipments are provided like fire extinguishers, fire buckets, first aid box etc.